Tree And Plaque On Pixar’s Campus Honor Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is often remembered for his legacy with Apple, but he also made a huge impact at Pixar, famously spending millions of dollars just to keep the company open. To honor Steve Jobs and remember all he did, Pixar has dedicated a tree on its campus to the late Apple CEO.

Pixar CCO, John Lasseter, often credits Jobs with encouraging employees to keep working for great stories. Jobs helped to keep the company afloat, long enough for Toy Story to be released, which was the studio’s first feature film. It went on to set a high bar critically and in box office success.

Pixar has done a couple of things to honor Jobs since his passing in 2011. The studio previously renamed the main building of its campus to “The Steve Jobs Building” and made a tribute to him during the end credits of the movie Brave.

Steve Jobs’ tree is planted alone near the main building of the Pixar campus with a plaque dedicated to Jobs. It reads:

Dedicated with love and gratitude to
Steve Jobs
Our partner, mentor and friend

These are the same words that appeared in the credits of Brave.

Image Credit: Pixar Times

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