How To Easily Track Santa On Your iPhone This Christmas Eve

If you or your kids are looking to keep tabs on Ol’ Saint Nick’s present giving journey this year, it’s a breeze to have it up and running on your iPhone or iPad.

The easiest way is probably to download the “NORAD Tracks Santa” app onto your iOS device, which gives you detailed information on where Santa is now, and where he’s headed to next. This is all presented on a easy and accessible interactive map, so even the youngest Santa faithfuls can follow along. It’s also got a couple of mini games to play. The app is 100% free and is available on iTunes.

Those looking for a desktop experience can also visit the official NORAD tracking website here.

If you’re more of a casual Santa watcher, and if you have Google Maps downloaded to your phone, you can also simply search “Santa” on the app and be brought to his last reported location.

After all, Santa will be using his iPhone to help him find your house.

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