Toys “R” Us offering iPod trade-in option in store

Strapped for cash, but still want to replace your old iPod? Toys “R” Us might have your back. According to CNN Money, the company has started offering a trade-in package at some of their stores to help you replace your device. Toys “R” Us will offer up to $100.00 for each old iPod brought into a store. That money can then be used to purchase a new iPod touch or iPod.

But this is where things get weird. The program will only last until Oct. 23, it’s only at participating stores, and their offering is based on the make and model of your device.

So there’s a good chance that this is probably a giant waste of time, and you’ll get squat for your iPod. But, if you’re lucky enough to live in one of the areas that this promotion is taking place, you could save a couple bucks.

It sounds more like a campaign to confuse people into going into their stores, hopefully with kids in tow, than it does a buy-back program. Whatever works, I guess.

Article Via CNN Money and TUAW

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