Top 24 Stories This Week – A Week in Review (01.05.13)

The week started off slow because of the holiday, but the dam broke on the 2nd and we hit the ground running. Speaking of New Year’s, Apple had another calendar bug: this time related to automating the Do Not Disturb feature. Rumors surfaced of early signs for iOS 7 and the next iPhone. We saw the rumor war play out over Apple buying mapping company Waze; the rumor appeared, then another rumor said that Waze wanted nearly a billion for their company, and then finally the entire thing was revealed to be overblown. App piracy became a big issue again, as there are new services that allow for piracy even on non-jailbroken devices. The iRadio rumor is back in time for CES, so in addition to seeing people release products competing with an imaginary Apple TV, we’ll see comments about an imaginary Apple streaming music service. This week also marked the first time Mountain Lion took a majority of OS X web traffic.

Here’s this week’s rundown:






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