Today only: Tracks goes free on the Mac App Store

My days never go quite as well when I’m not listening to music. If it wasn’t for iTunes and my readily available music collection, I don’t know what I’d do all day. I’d probably be a lot more ornery than usual.

Music keeps me sane, and even gives me a pick-me-up when I’m trying to bust out articles at a rapid-fire pace. Hopping in and out of iTunes can be a pain in the rear, but thankfully Tracks solves a lot of my problems.

Tracks lets you control iTunes and search music from your menubar (as well as keyboard shortcuts). Initiating a search is quick and effective. Tracks has taken over my Mac as a primary iTunes controller.

There is one thing I’d love to see, but it’s probably more of an Apple problem than a Tracks problem: getting their search engine into Spotlight would be huge. It’d save me a menubar space, and it would make infinite more sense for most users.

Anyway, the application is free on the Mac App Store, but only for today. So, if you want to try out a snazzy iTunes controller for free, now’s your chance to grab Tracks.

I’d even go so far as recommending that you purchase it if you like it once it goes back on sale at a regular price.

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