It’s time I speak up: The CRTC is about to screw-up our internet

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you’re probably well aware that there are two recurring themes here on Macgasm. The first theme is that we pretty much want syncing for everything we can get our hands on, but the second thing isn’t as trivial: we have a real problem with the current landscape of telecommunications companies and the influence they have on government officials in North America.

We try to stay out of politically-heady topics, but this time around I just can’t sit around and watch my beloved country kowtow to the telecommunications companies. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is once again proving that big telecom companies have more influence on Canadian policy than Canadian citizens do. It’s outright disgusting.

The CRTC is on the verge of approving a bill that would allow big telecom companies to charge more for your Internet by metering bandwidth. What’s that mean for the consumer? Well, if you’re already annoyed that Canada sits at the top of the cost-per gigabyte spectrum, you’re not going to be happy that the CRTC is going to let Internet Service Providers charge you per byte. We’re already paying way too much for internet in Canada, and if the CRTC has its way, you will be paying much more than you were before. If you frequent sites like YouTube or Vimeo, watch television shows on the Global or CTV website, listen to music on Grooveshark, or look at photos on Flickr, you’re about to see a drastic increase in price on your bill if the CRTC has its way.

It doesn’t end there though, since companies like Bell and Rogers own much of the infrastructure in Canada, they’re also going to be forcing smaller, independent ISPs to charge customers based on the same money-grabbing scheme. If that’s not the exact definition of a monopoly, I don’t know what is anymore. Instead of letting companies decide how they want to charge their customers, they will be forced to ‘compete’ with Bell and Rogers in Canada by being forced to gouge customers. That kind of eliminates competition, doesn’t it?

It’s time for the monkeys at the CRTC to step down

If closing the CRTC isn’t an option, maybe it’s time for a complete overhaul of the entire ‘Commission.’ When 160,000 people sign an online petition to stop the asinine CRTC bill, it’s pretty clear that the CRTC no longer represents the interests of the people.

We’re throwing our support behind and will be donating to the cause. We’re tired of old career-politicians pretending like they’re in touch with our society’s digital needs, and it’s about time Canadians stand up to do something about it.

Canadians, we’re warning you, the internet as you know it is in jeopardy, and if you sit by idly, the CRTC and Big Telecom companies will have their way with you and your wallets.

Don’t be foolish. Go to and get educated. Call your MP and complain about the CRTC’s blind acceptance of Big Telecom pressures, and more importantly, tell everyone you know that Big Telecom is about to change the digital landscape in Canada.

You can make sure this doesn’t happen.

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