Tim Cook’s “No-Nonsense” Style Detailed In New Report

While many people now know of Steve Jobs’ fabled leadership style, not a ton is known about his successor, Tim Cook. A new piece on the Apple CEO by Reuters helps shine a bit of light on this subject, showing some of the differences in the way Cook runs things.

Cook reportedly sits in on meetings, practically unreadable and silent, sitting quietly with his hands held together. Other executives can reportedly tell what Cook’s thinking based on how he’s sitting in his chair. “Any change in the constant rocking of his chair is one sign subordinates look for: when he simply listens, they’re heartened if there is no change in the pace of his rocking.”

Cook can also be hard on his employees and push them to perfection like Jobs did.

“He could skewer you with a sentence,” the person said. “He would say something along the lines of ‘I don’t think that’s good enough’ and that would be the end of it and you would just want to crawl into a hole and die.”

Cook is also credited for being more methodical than Jobs, as well as more socially concerned, as shown in his stance on improving factory working conditions.

Everyone’s wondering how Cook will be able to execute the launch of a brand new major product, such as the rumored iWatch. For now, We can expect to see him unveil a new iPhone or two in the next few weeks.

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