Tim Cook Chose To Get Rid Of Scott Forstall Over Jony Ive

It seems that Apple’s recent decision to get rid of Scott Forstall, the company’s head of iOS, had another large contributing factor. Besides his refusal to apologize for Apple’s Maps app, it has also turned out that Forstall’s relationship with lead Apple designer Jony Ive was rocky to say the least.

Bloomberg has reported that the two employees couldn’t stand each other and wouldn’t even partake in meetings together. When Jony Ive would host meetings with other Apple executives to discuss upcoming product designs, Forstall was rarely included. It is likely that this feud played a large part in Tim Cook’s decision to remove Forstall from the company.

With Scott Forstall gone, Ive will be taking over his old responsibilities and will focus his work more on the software side of things within the company.

Jony Ive has often been credited as the key person behind the beauty of Apple’s product designs. We’ll now get the chance to see if he can do the same with his designs for iOS and its software.

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