Ticked Off Grandma Tries To Shut Down A Microsoft Store In China

The Microsoft Surface tablet launched today and with it came launch parties at Microsoft Stores throughout the world. While everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, one lady sure wasn’t. No, she wasn’t a ragey Apple fan, but she was a Grandma who was mad that the party was keeping her grandkids up while they were trying to sleep.

So after this pissed off Grandma decided that this party was going on for too long, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She jumped up on to the Microsoft Store’s stage, which was located outside of the store on the street. Unfortunately, her plan to shut down the party failed after she was forcefully escorted from the stage by security guards.

Fortunately for us, the ordeal was captured on video and was posted to Kotaku, so we can’t embed the video here. Part of us feels bad for the poor lady, but the other part of us thinks this is kinda hilarious.

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