Thieves go all Mission Impossible on a Best Buy and steal $26,000 in Apple gear

To what lengths would you go to get your hands on an Apple notebook?

In South Brunswick, New Jersey, a group of thieves broke into a Best Buy and made off with about 20 Apple notebooks, worth approximately $26,000, according to To accomplish this, the thieves employed a series of moves reminiscent of scenes from the movie Mission: Impossible. The thieves climbed up a 3-inch gas pipe that runs up the side of the store. They then cut a 3-foot-wide hole in the roof, slicing through layers of rubber, insulation and metal. The hole was strategically placed so that it was obscured by advertising banners, preventing capture of the thieves on film. Taking their cue from Tom Cruise, they then rappelled down into the store without touching the floor (not even a single drop of sweat!) and thereby setting off motion sensors. After swiping the laptops, the thieves left the same way they got in.

Police think that the same crew may have done other heists. Other signature moves from this crew that may help guide the police – self-destructing messages, exploding gum (“red light, green light”), and identity-altering masks.

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