‘SwiftKey Note’ iOS App Brings Faster Notetaking, Evernote Integration

Interested in improving how fast you punch out sentences on your iPhone? Today’s newly released “SwiftKey Note” app will help you do just that.

SwiftKey Note is a notetaking app that uses SwiftKey’s acclaimed keyboard technology. The app incorporates an intelligent word suggestion and auto-correct system that is able to learn and predict the patterns of individual users over time. While it continues to use Apple’s own iOS 7 keyboard, the app provides much faster and more accurate word prediction than Apple’s default software can currently.

SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on iPhone and iPad. Using magical prediction technology, it intelligently autocorrects words as you type and offers next-word predictions based on the unique way you use words together. It gets smarter the more you use it, and adapts with you over time. A quick and intuitive notebook to store and share your thoughts, SwiftKey Note lets you type as you think in a faster and more powerful way.

The app is also integrated directly with Evernote, so users can create and edit notes and have them synced up to Evernote instantly. It will even scan your previous Evernote entries to help improve the keyboard’s word suggestion system based on your writing style.

Since Apple doesn’t allow iOS to support alternative keyboard solutions, developers of this type of software are forced to implement them within their own created apps, thus SwiftKey Note was born.

The app doesn’t include the gesture controls or the altered keyboard design of the popular Android version, but it does still pack enough of the core SwiftKey functionality to make it useful.

If you feel the need, the need for speed, perhaps you should consider downloading SwiftKey Note. You can grab it for free on iTunes.

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