Swedish Duo Cazzette Makes Spotify-Exclusive Debut

Before I was introduced to Spotify in Sweden, I used to have a collection of MP3s, an Itunes library decked out with a variety of snazzy tunes. It all changed after Spotify came into my life. Now, I use nothing else.

And while Spotify is still slowly gaining momentum across the rest of the world, the pace is definitely increasing, something evidenced by the fact that there are now people who will release material exclusive to Spotify, a music service that is available on an impressive number of platforms.

According to the Verge, Swedish duo Cazzette have called Spotify “the future of music releases”. Though not the first band to go online-only, Cazzette is certainly the first to make an album debut on Spotify. Their upcoming work, entitled Eject, will be released in three parts. The first segment was released on November 31th. The second part will follow on December 11th while the last is scheduled to make an appearance sometime on January 22, 2013.

I’m somewhat hesitant about calling Spotify the future just yet. After all, availability is still at a premium. Nonetheless, it’s still exciting to see where this Swedish-born service is going to go in the coming years.

Cassandra Khaw is an entry-level audiophile, a street dancer, a bibliophilic wanderer who makes her living with words and awkward biographies.