Study: Internet TVs are sitting around unplugged

According to research done by NPD In-Stat, nearly half of Internet capable televisions are sitting around unplugged. With every major television producing company carrying a line of smart-televisions that let you connect to the Internet and use apps to gain access to services like Netflix, it’s a little surprising to find out that 53 percent of all Internet capable televisions are going Internet-less.

Paul Gagnon, director of North American TV research at Display Search, had this to say:

I think that people like some aspects of smart TVs, Social networking and games — those are pretty lightly used, People type on laptops and mobile devices.

People veg out while watching TV, and they certainly don’t want to sit back and navigate through menus, websites, or even play Angry Birds while sitting on the couch, especially if they already have a gaming console attached to their television.

We should keep this study in mind while Apple Television rumors ramp up heading into Apple’s next set of keynotes. It’s a tough egg to crack for companies. The one thing going for Apple is that its iOS platform is a gaming console, and a platform for streaming content. That’s something no other company, possibly excluding Sony, could be in the short term. Most of the competition have put garbage applications directly onto the televisions, but Apple has a huge catalog of high quality, 3rd party applications that they could theoretically roll out in very little time.

The next year of living room technology releases should be really interesting.

Source: TechNewsDaily

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