Steve Jobs stopped at Japan Airport over throwing stars?

Steve Jobs, ninja? Apparently, Apple’s CEO was stopped in July as he was boarding his private jet at Kansai International Airport near Osaka. Jobs was returning to the U.S. from a family vacation in Kyoto, Japan. It seems that Jobs had picked up some souvenirs during his trip and was bringing ninja throwing stars home in his carry-on luggage. During a security scan, officials detected the weapons and barred him from boarding his own plane.

According to SPA! Magazine, a Japanese tabloid, Jobs said that it would be senseless for a person to attempt to hijack his own plane, and then told officials that he would never visit Japan again.

Bloomberg contacted a Kansai airport spokesman, who declined to identify the passenger, but verified that a passenger using a private jet was stopped at the end of July for carrying shuriken, the Japanese word for ninja throwing stars. He also said that the passenger threw away the blades so that he could board the plane.

Article via Bloomberg.
Photo via kaex0r.

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