Steve Jobs Shows Off The Macintosh Like You’ve Never Seen Before In New 90 Minute Video

If you’ve ever enjoyed watching Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches, you’ll certainly enjoy this one.

While you may have seen the video of Steve Jobs unveiling the original Macintosh 128K for the first time, you’ve likely never seen his presentation of the computer to the Boston Computer Society, made available to the public this weekend for the very first time.

The 1984 speech shows a young and extremely passionate Jobs, who delivers a much more entertaining presentation than what was seen at the company’s shareholder unveiling of the product six days earlier. It’s packed with a jokes, charm, and interesting information, even including a question period at the end with Jobs and the Macintosh team.

The speech has been published for the first time by, well, TIME, who has also written up some interesting backstory for the 90 minute video.

People who attended the shareholder meeting saw the more historic presentation — hey, it came first — but what they got was also, in effect, a rehearsal for the later Boston one, which came out more polished.

Check out the complete video below:

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