Steve Jobs Interview: Building Blue boxes

Steve Jobs, sans black turtle neck, gives us a brief introduction to the world of blue-boxing in the YouTube clip attached below. Surprisingly enough he mentions that it was illegal at the time to hack into the phone system to make free long distance calls. While the story he does tell isn’t exactly news, the way he tells it certainly provides some insight into his personality and genuine excitement for technology. Steve Jobs takes a lot of slack for creating a reality distortion field around Apple products, but after watching this video I’m not so sure we can accuse him of that.  It seems like he’s genuinely excited by technology and what it can accomplish, Apple logo or not.

Don’t believe me? Jobs was quick to point out that they (Woz and Jobs) built the best blue box in the world. He even uses some of his favourite adjectives—magic, magical, and powerful—while describing what they were accomplishing with the device.

Check out the video below.

Article Via Paris Lemon

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