Steve Jobs’ house to be demolished

A mansion owned by Steve jobs in the hamlet of Woodside, California, is to be demolished soon. Steve Jobs has been after a permit for demolition of his empty 17,000 square-foot house for over a decade now, and it has been a subject of great debate in the area. MarketWatch reported,

“This small town, one of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest enclaves, is giving the Apple Inc. executive his long sought-after permit to raze his Spanish Colonial revival mansion”

The home is dilapidated, and some claim it’s in this state in the hopes that the neglect would have eventually demolished it anyway. Jobs initially purchased the home back in 1983, and he lived in it for around ten years. Since that time it’s been empty almost all of the time.

In a public statement about the house made at a meeting of the Woodside Town Council back in 2005, Jobs said that his intention was to tear down the house, and he also cited that the house was poorly built.

‘It was never really a very interesting house to start with,’ he told the council. ‘I think I could build something far, far nicer and far more historically interesting down the road.’

A permit was issued in 2009, but preservationists have tried to fight it. It’s thought Jobs will build a smaller property at the end of the private drive.

Article Via MacDailyNews

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