Steve Jobs’ House Burglarized, Suspect Arrested

Last month, the Jobs’ residence was broken into during renovation. Over $60,000 of “computers and personal items” were stolen during the break in. Kariem McFarlin, the suspect, was arrested on August 2. McFarlin apparently broke into the house randomly, not knowing the house and items belonged to the late Steve Jobs and his family. And while we’re unsure of other specifics, right now we’ve heard that the suspect remains in jail on a $500,000 bond and will return to court on August 20 for plea. McFarlin may face as many as seven years and eight months in prison for the crime. This includes the one year enhancement for “excessive taking of property”.

This burglary adds to the rising number of burglaries in the Bay Area, which has forced the Palo Alto police to launch a “lock it or lose it” campaign in the area. However, the Jobs burglary seems to have taken place because the house was under construction, allowing for easy entry to the home. The Jobs’ residence is currently undergoing $31,000 in renovation, which includes new trim, exterior stucco as well as two new electrical panels. There is no word on whether or not the Jobs family was in the home during renovation or the burglary.

Source: Mercury News via MacRumors

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