Steve Jobs’ Childhood Home Being Considered As Potential Historic Site

The childhood home of Steve Jobs.

If you’ve read at all about the life of Steve Jobs, you’ve likely heard about his childhood home at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. This house, where Jobs grew up through his teen years, is the place where he and Steve Wozniak first started Apple, having created created the original Apple computer in the house’s garage.

Well now, years later, the city of Los Altos is considering making this house a historic site, which would ensure that it stays properly maintained and would prevent it from being altered. The Los Altos historical commission has arranged for a “historic property evaluation” which will conclude whether the house will be granted historic status.

Seeing as how Jobs is one of the most influential figures in recent history, if not all-time, and since Los Altos will likely never have another landmark as important and well known as Job’s house, naming the house as a historic site sounds like as good of a choice as there will ever be.

It’s unclear as to when the city’s historical commission will reach a decision, but expect to hear more about it if they do.

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