Steve and Steve: A Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Comic You Have To See To Believe

If you were to think of all the things you could write a Steve Jobs/Steve Wozniak graphic novel about, you’d likely never come up with the concept for Steve and Steve.

The comic follows Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who have become trapped within a large dome in the middle of the forest for no explicable reason. The two get high and have deep talks that are loosely related to technology and that sometimes last for pages on end. They talk about anything from braiding hair to lesbian witches, all providing for a trippy yet entertaining experience.

The graphic novel is surprisingly funny and does a great job at mocking the well known personality traits of Jobs and Wozniak. Currently just the prologue is available, however, the prologue still manages to give a ton of content and a good setup for the future story, which is expected to be continued sometime this month. Plus, ya know, it’s free.

The whole comic, created by acclaimed comic writer Patrick Sean Farley, is available to read online with a nice easy to read interface.

If you have some time, definitely check out the graphic novel here. It’s fair to say you’ll never read anything like it.

Via Cult of Mac

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