Get step-by-step help from the Tapity team on launching your app with this StartupPlay

It’s not every day that you can get some advice from industry professionals who’ve managed to navigate their way through the unconquered world of app releases before you have even put your first app together. StartupPlays, a super awesome web-service that lets you get step-by-step task lists from other professionals, has put together some documents to help you out. Today, StartupPlays has launched a playbook written by Jeremy Olson, founder of Tapity, and winner of a 2011 Apple Design Award for Grades 2 that does just that.

The playbook is a step-by-step plan for iOS developers that illustrates how to gain successful market share, as well as promote and launch iPhone apps, based on a model employed by the Tapity team.

The playbook is normally $249, but is currently on sale for $83.00. If you’re new to launching and marketing iPhone applications and could use some step-by-step advice on where to start and how to get where you need to go, there’s nothing better than getting some advice from an Apple Design Award winner. We recommend checking it out.

There’s also a bunch of other plays for entrepreneurs if you want to check those out too.

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