Users claim iPhone 4S on Sprint is more like a slow trot, Sprint disagrees

Sprint has been getting some heat from iPhone 4S early adopters. Slow data speeds have been reported across the nation, leading many to speculate that Sprint’s infrastructure is straining under the load of new users flocking to the carrier now that they offer Apple’s elusive handset.

Sprint, of course, is singing a different tune. Officials at Sprint explain that their network is being carefully monitored and reports of performance issues are being handled and investigated as they come in, and insist that the response has been mostly on the positive side from new iPhone users. Gizmodo, for example, listed Sprint as the speed winner in independent tests, though currently Sprint speeds are clocking in around 50% of Verizon’s using the same tool.

It’s important to note that any number of things can affect speed, and thus results of any tests. Weather, network utilization, time of day, and proximity all play a role in how fast your data can travel.

Being a customer of AT&T — not sure why anymore — I haven’t noticed an incredible burst of speed using the 4S over the iPhone 4; however rendering webpages comes dangerously close to ludicrous speed!

The majority of Sprint’s newly acquired consumers are likely arriving with the promise of unlimited data plans, and are not overly concerened about the initial speeds that are being reported, though that’s just my 2% of a dollar — take it for what it’s worth.

Source: PCMag


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