Spotify confirmed for US, expands to Virgin Media in UK

Big news for music fans today. Spotify, the free streaming service, has officially announced that it’ll be coming to the US. When? It doesn’t say. For how much (the premium subscription removes interjected advertisements)? Nobody knows. Details are shady at the moment, but the news is certainly good for audiophiles.

Currently in the UK it costs you £9.99 for unlimited streaming and that includes mobile devices, functionality improvements, etc. This is big news, especially considering the recent iCloud announcement. Spotify obviously recognises the competition that iCloud poses, and has decided to stop resting on its international laurels.

Elsewhere in the world is the news that UK TV and Internet provider Virgin Media revealed it’ll be bringing Spotify to its customers via their set-top boxes at a discounted rate. Again, there aren’t any concrete details on a date or what features will be available, but it’s a coup for Virgin subscribers.

Via: Business Insider
Source: Spotify

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