Southwest Airlines To Offer iMessage Access For $2

Southwest Airlines has announced a new in-flight internet package that allows iOS users to send and receive iMessages in-flight for only $2 daily. This saves iOS users who only want to send messages $6.00, and having to purchase a day of unrestricted in-flight web access. Southwest has also promised that select Android messaging applications will be able to take advantage of the plan in early-2014.

From the Southwest Airlines blogpost:

Any Apple user that has iOS 5 or later with the iMessage feature pre-loaded on their device can take advantage of this option. Now you can stay powered up and connected to friends and family like you never left the ground.

Basically, a money making scam. What’s next, another $2.00 for people to use Safari, and then another $2.00 for access to your iTunes Match stream?

Via: iMore
Photo Source: Robert S. Donovan

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