Sony clears things up: ‘We are not abandoning iTunes’

Sony launched their very own music subscription service today, and in the process COO Brandon Layden made sure to clear up some rumors from last week. According to Layden, Sony has no intention of leaving iTunes at this point.

Sony Music as I understand it has no intention of withdrawing from iTunes, they’re one of our biggest partners in the digital domain. I think those words were either taken out of context or the person who spoke them was unclear on the circumstances.

As Business Insider points out, Layden would be in the “know” if Sony was planning on yanking the plug on iTunes. Sony could either be doing one of two things. First, they could be the telling the truth, or secondly, this statement could be damage control.

It’s no secret that the big studios aren’t too pleased with iTunes, or the grasp that Apple has on the industry. Sony might not have an immediate need to pull out of iTunes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their Music Unlimited launch is the first step in completely regaining control of their assets. We can’t blame them for that—we’d probably do it too.

Article Via Business Insider
Photo Credit: Sony Electronics

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