Sonos announces it plays nicely with Lion

Well, it’s been quite a while now, but Sonos finally updated it’s software to support OS X Lion (10.7), ending a month long nightmare for users of the whole house audio products.

Before today’s update, Sonos users whose music collection was stored on their Macs running Lion were unable to stream to their numerous Sonos speakers. Sonos pointed fingers the entire month at Apple, who supposedly pushed through some “last minute changes”, throwing a wrench in their update efforts.

While I do know Apple’s decision to part ways with Samba likely played a HUGE part in this problem, I wouldn’t consider it very last minute, as the early beta version of 10.7 already showed use of a proprietary WNFS storage connector.

If you are one of the many who were waiting patiently, albeit silently, for the Sonos update that would fill your ears with your music collection, all you need to do is access the Sonos menu from the Sonos Controller for Mac app, and select “Check for Updates”.


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