Sonos Adds SoundCloud Support, Continues To Change The Music Streaming Game

SoundCloud and Sonos just tied the knot. Starting today Sonos owners will be able to include SoundCloud streaming alongside a host of other services in their media players:

By bringing SoundCloud’s ever-expanding library of new and established publishers on to Sonos, you can easily discover music and audio that is not available anywhere else and with Universal Search on the new Sonos controller app, stumble upon music from your favorite artists on SoundCloud that you never knew existed.

Try SoundCloud’s free service in beta on Sonos now by visiting ‘more music’ in the new Sonos app and dive into a world of new music.

Sonos is really changing the game with music streaming. It no longer matters what your favourite music streaming service is these days. In my Sonos app I have Rdio, Songza, music from my NAS, and now SoundCloud all connected, giving me a universal search across streaming services. If you’re willing to pay for every service on the web, you’d have access to everything, all within one app. That’s powerful.

You’re also able to queue up a playlist across multiple services. For instance, I just had Queens of the Stone Age playing from Rdio, and immediately following it was Caribou from SoundCloud. I didn’t have to jump from one app to another.

I’m pretty pumped for this addition. Up until now I’ve had to rely on AirPlay streaming through an Airport Express to get SoundCloud pumping out of the Sonos speakers. Now I can cut out the middleman.

I need some wireless Sonos headphones. Can we get on that Sonos?

Interestingly, SoundCloud isn’t listed as a service within the Mac app, but you can add it via iOS. Once an account is added within iOS, it will appear on your desktop player as well.

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