Sn0wbreeze jailbreaks iOS 5 beta 7 almost faster than Apple seeds it

Jailbreaking your iOS device used to mean staying back a version or two from the bleeding edge. It seems now, though, that a jailbreak is available within minutes of a beta seed. Sn0wbreeze version 2.8 beta 7 was released shortly after Apple dropped beta 7 of iOS 5.

If you don’t make it past that first paragraph, you’ll likely comment that the current version of Redsn0w can already jailbreak beta 7, but if you’d just let me finish, I’d tell you that Sn0breeze preserves your baseband on the iPhone 4 as well as the 3GS. This means the devices can be carrier unlocked and hacktivated!

Another perk of Jailbreaking with Sn0wbreeze is the removal of the dreaded beta timer, a feature I wish I had back when I forgot to upgrade from beta 4 and ended up losing some data that wouldn’t backup in DFU. Those who run beta 7 without fxing the timer can expect their phones to become inoperable on October 20th.

Jailbreaking, for those living under a rock, is the process of removing the limitations from devices running  iOS with the use of patched kernels. Once jailbroken, you can install software that isn’t available in the App Store as well as make an endless number of tweaks to the look / feel / operation of your device.

In the history of the iPhone, there are a number of feature additions that have stemmed from apps originally only available on jailbroken devices and Apple has even begun hiring developers responsible for jailbreaking their devices.

It’s important to note that this jailbreak is still tethered, which means you’ll need to plug your phone into a computer if you need to reboot the device  into its jailbroken state.  The only exception being iPhone 3GS running an old bootrom.

So upgrade your phone to beta 7 and your iTunes to 10.5 beta 7 and then  grab Sn0wbreeze, which is only available for Windows here.

Via: Redmond Pie

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