SK Telecom can’t keep up with iPad 2 demand in South Korea

If you thought getting your hands on an iPad 2 was difficult in North America or western Europe, you should try spending some time in South Korea’s shoes. According to Reuters, SK Telecom is having such a difficult time keeping up with demand for the iPad 2 that they have had to suspend online sales of the device.

While the company has declined to reveal their sales figures to the press, it’s no real surprise to most that demand has outpaced supply at this point. Universally, the iPad 2 is in tight supply, and getting your hands on the exact model that you want can be a difficult task.

What is intriguing is that the company has decided to suspend sales online entirely until they’re able to stockpile more devices instead of just altering the shipping dates and availability information on their website.

At this time there’s no definitive date set when the company will begin selling the iPad 2 online again.

Article Via Reuters

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