This simple MacHook for your iMac is perfect for your cans


As someone who is constantly getting my groove on with headphones while at my desk, I know the problem all too well. My headphones, when not attached to my noggin, are always kicking around my desk, without a home, getting in the way, getting tangled, and generally annoying the hell out of me. It looks like Workerman may have a solution, and it’s called the MacHook.

Simple. Elegant. Genius.

The MacHook is a Baltic Birch hook that adheres to the top of your iMac, and we’re guessing a Cinema Display as well, using “microscopic craters” instead of an adhesive to bond to your display, resulting in no sticky residue left behind if you decide to move the hook at a later date.

The MacHook comes in at $15.00, and you can pick it up on the Workerman website.

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