Show Your Nano Some Love With This Awesome Miniature Case

Sure, the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks get all sorts of nifty cases. Sleeves, covers, and novelties out the nose. But what about your teeny-tiny iPod nano? Doesn’t it deserve a kitschy little cover? Well, the folks over at Pad & Quill have done just that with their newest product — The Littlest Black Book. Whenever you use your iPod nano, it will look like you’re reading the world’s smallest book. Pretty neat, eh? Eh? It may smell like an April Fool’s joke, but this is an actual Kickstarter project that will accept your money.

If you want your very own, you’re going to need to drop at least $34 USD — shipping included. If you want it shipped internationally, that’ll cost you $54 USD total. This project has 29 days to go, and it needs to reach $4,500 USD to be successfully funded. Are you interested? Is this the silliest thing you’ve seen all week? Let us know by hitting us up on Twitter. We love to hear from you folks. It really does help us tweak our content to best fit your tastes.


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