See The Beautiful New Berlin Apple Store

With Apple’s 11th German store set to open May 3, construction on the Berlin location is now complete and we can finally get a good glance at what the Apple Store will look like.

The store is certainly one of Apple’s more visually striking locations, with an elegant looking design that matches the brick buildings on the rich Berlin shopping street of Ku’damm. Apple has gone for a minimalistic look, with just two small square Apple logos on either side of the store’s massive entrance to let you know that it is in-fact an Apple store.

Apple has also chosen to showcase some interesting modern art pieces in front of the store that show off the company’s iPhone 5. This further helps draw the attention of shoppers over to see Apple’s products and helps ensure that people know that it is in fact an Apple store.

Prior to the arrival of the Apple Store, the location used to house a movie theater.

The store’s hours will be 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, with the store closed for Sundays. The grand opening is set for this Friday, May 3.

It’s certainly interesting to see what Apple can do with its Apple Stores when it goes for something different than the typical aluminum look.


Image Credit: apfelpage

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