Screw It, Here’s How You Can Build Your Own iPhone 5 Dock Out Of Legos


Honestly, why are we waiting for Apple to release an iPhone 5 dock? I mean, they could release one next week, but they could also release one next never. If you’re into building things, we’ve already published an article on building your own iPhone dock out of wood. This time around we’d like to show you an iPhone 5 dock made out of nothing but Legos.

The Daily Brick has published a step-by-step guide to building an iPhone 5 dock that not only holds your iPhone, but also charges it with a built in cable. The dock takes nothing more than 42 bricks, and if you haven’t play with Legos since your childhood, you can purchase a package that has all the Legos you need to build the dock for £11.95 ($19.15 USD).

This sure beats paying $80.00 for a milled aluminum dock that’ll be useless the next time you upgrade your phone, doesn’t it.