San Francisco Police Developing Apps To Fight Crime

The San Francisco Police Department has started development on a new mobile app and has already began testing an application for PCs. This new application will run on 60 laptops provided by HP and will allow officers to write up and file police reports on the go. The app will save police officers time as they will no longer have to go back to the police station to fill out paperwork for filing police reports. Some officers will be able to save over three hours a day using this new method. New recruits will be the first set of officers to try out this new system.

The mobile application is currently being developed by ArcTouch, a San Francisco-based app development company. This may allow officers to voice control the application and pull up information on a vehicle by taking a snapshot of its license plate. While this app is still in development, San Francisco police officers should be able to use it in roughly six months.

To me, this is a very cool innovation that allows the SFPD to fight crime safely and more efficiently. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Gizmodo via The Verge
Image Credit: sillygwailo

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