Samsung To Drop $4.5 Billion On R&D Centers Over Next Three Years

If you’re a massive company, you’re able to spend massive amounts of money on research and development. That’s why Samsung plans to spend roughly $4.5 billion (or 5 trillion won) on the construction of five new R&D centers over the course of the next three years.

Each one of the centers will be located in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, with one known to be opening in Seoul by late 2015. This particular center, which in itself will cost $1 billion to make, will reportedly host 10,000 employees, focusing mainly on design related research.

Last year alone Samsung spent over $10 billion on all its R&D efforts, with the company clearly trying to maintain this high-spending trend.

While it’s hard to tell really just how much R&D efforts pay off, this will surely help keep Samsung at the top of the hardware game for sometime to come.

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