Samsung shamelessly steals the iPhone 3G design, again

Today Samsung has announced the iPhone 3G Galaxy Ace Plus. The phone looks exactly like the iPhone 3G, and clearly illustrates Samsung’s game plan moving forward. Samsung’s product plan for 2012? Become an official Apple counterfeiter, and care not one iota about doing it.

It’s official, Samsung is a honey-badger and couldn’t care less what the courts say, what international law says, or even what Apple claims. Samsung is completely content with stealing designs, commercials, and other creative from its competitors. Sadly, I say this while I sit here looking at my Samsung television, wondering exactly who they ripped off for that design. I guess my next TV will come from LG or Sony, or any other company not named Samsung.

Having taken Samsung four years to pull off an iPhone 3G, one would think that they wouldn’t have bastardized the original design so much. I guess that’s giving Samsung too much credit, considering they copy to begin with.


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