Samsung Galaxy S4 Launches April 27 In Canada, U.S. Date Still Unknown

Samsung and a number of Canadian cellphone carriers announced today that customers can now begin to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be released in Canada on April 27. This announcement comes before any official word on when the phone will hit the U.S.; however, a leak that came earlier today suggests that AT&T might get the device a day earlier on the 26.

The S4 will be available on all major Canadian carriers for $199 on a 3 year contract or $699 off-contract and will be available in both the black and white models.

While an official U.S. release date is still unknown, a leak from an internal Staples document may have revealed when American customers will be able to get their hands on the new Android device. The leaked document shows AT&T getting the device on April 26, T-Mobile on May 1, and Verizon on May 30.

Expect to hear an official U.S. date soon, but until then, try and pacify yourself by watching the commercials Samsung has already released for the device here.

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