Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Reach 10 Million In Less Than Two Months

Despite Apple’s earlier attempts to delay the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone in the U.S., it arrived in May and has since reached 10 million sales in just under two months, according to a Samsung executive on Sunday.

President of Samsung’s Information Technology and Mobile Communication Division, Shin John-kyun, didn’t go into more detail beyond this and did not specify if the 10 million devices went to consumers or retailers. Usually, though, Samsung’s ‘sales’ numbers refer to the devices that are sold to retailers rather than directly to consumers. Samsung did not respond to a request for clarification.

The Galaxy S III has seen high demand at most of its four major wireless carriers in the U.S., with Sprint having to delay its June 21 launch due to high demand. Reaching 10 million in sales in two months is a record for Samsung. Previously, the Galaxy S II reached 10 million in sales in five months and the Galaxy S sold 10 million in seven months.

So far, the Galaxy S III smartphone has received mostly good reviews from consumers and the phone already takes a top spot among Android devices.

Source: YONHAP NEWS via AllThingsD
Image Credit: Android Authority

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