Samsung Denied Re-Trial In Bounce Back Patent Case

Last year, you may remember Apple won a significant case against Samsung in regards to its “bounce back” patent, a patent that Apple alledged Samsung was infringing on in over 20 of its devices. Samsung ended up being ordered to pay roughly $600 million in damages, and later decided to appeal the court’s decision.

US Judge Lucy Koh decided today that Samsung will not be allowed to appeal against the court’s previous decision. Instead, Koh stated that the trial will precede to its next segment in November, when the court will determine exactly just how much Samsung must pay Apple.

The bounce back patent revolves around the small bounce back animation that occurs on iOS when a user scrolls to the very edge of a page. Samsung has been found to have illegally infringed on these patents in 18 of its devices.

Come back in November to see just how much Samsung is going to have to shell out to Apple. Expect it to be a lot.

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