Samsung Announces Printer With Built-In Music Speakers

Whether it’s a music player with a printer attached or a printer with a music player attached is hard to tell. Samsung unveiled a couple new printers today, from one that can dock your phone and print content from it to one that comes with its own music speakers.

The Wave is Samsung’s minimalist designed printer, which comes sporting a smartphone docking function on top. Once your phone is docked, you can print files directly off your phone with the printer.


The Indie is a retro designed printer that includes its very own set of speakers. Simply put your smartphone in the dock, play a song, charge your phone, and print out your work all at the same time.


The less exciting although more attractive One & One is a mono laser printer that can also combine in a second complimentary color. “The “One & One” is a mono laser printer, but allows the user to print using two colors by designating one additional color from cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black.”


Printers are a technology we often forget about, so it’s cool to finally see them getting crazy.

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