Rumor: Back to School promo now an iTunes card instead of a free iPod touch

It’s being reported around the interweb that Apple’s looking to change up their back to school promotion this year, and instead of providing all those new students with an iPod touch, they’re going to be giving away $100.00 gift cards.

The rumor, originating on the blog 9to5 Mac, openly speculates that this may have something to do with Apple’s iPod product refresh that occurs every September. Most assume that the Back to School iPod touch giveaway has something to do with clearing stock every year before Apple updates the device. If the iPod touch isn’t part of the Back to School promotion this year, and if the iPhone 5 is part of a September announcement, then where does that leave the iPod touch update in September? If Apple’s not giving away iPod touches and the iPhone is going to steal the show in September, then maybe there isn’t a new iPod touch on the horizon, or so the rumor goes.

What do you think? Is this possible? There were ramblings in the 9to5 comments about this being bunk because Apple’s already doing a Back to School promotion in Japan, giving away iPod touches. After clicking around a bit, we couldn’t confirm that.

Article Via 9to5 Mac
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