Rumor: Norman Foster to design eco-friendly Apple City

With Apple’s purchase of the old HP campus in Cupertino, many are expecting Apple to create a world-class office building in its place. Apple HQ is quite the site already, but it no longer rivals their brick and mortar stores around the world. Rumors going around over the weekend have been stating that Norman Foster will be responsible for designing the new Apple Campus, and that the campus may be called Apple City.

If you haven’t heard of Norman Foster previously, he’s the gentleman responsible for the giant phallus (aptly called “the Gherkin“) that now adorns the London skyline. It kind of makes you wonder what’s in store for the new Apple campus, doesn’t it?

These unconfirmed rumors don’t just stop there either. According to publications around the internet, the new campus will be environmentally friendly, and come complete with underground tunnels between all of the buildings—this has got to make Mr. Albert Gore happy.

It’s reported that Foster will be bringing with him some of the lessons learned from Masdar City, considered the first city (50,000+) to be completely off the grid and in a fully renewable state.

Article Via Mac Observer

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