Rumor: Next iPod nano to get camera

It was absent, then it was present, but then it went absent again—that’s how the iPod nano camera has played out over the last three versions. According to the newest rumor out of Taiwan, Apple could be gearing up to re-introduce a camera back into the new nano.

The tall nano had a camera, then the iWatch edition didn’t, and now we might just see the new iPod nano get one. As the Apple world turns, I guess.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. What gives Apple? Does the iPod nano get a camera, or does it not? This is starting to reek like the iPad camera. It should have been there from the start, but was likely removed so that newer editions enticed people to upgrade. Putting something into a device, then pulling it, only to re-add it later smells an awful lot like a ploy to get people to upgrade their devices.

You don’t have to worry though, if this iPod nano camera is anything like the iPod touch or iPad 2, you won’t be missing out on much—the cameras are complete garbage.

Article Via iPodNN

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