Rumor: iPod classic could get a storage boost

The iPod classic is still around, and for whatever reason, they’ve pretty much been ignored since 2009. I mean, they don’t even have touch screens. I don’t know one person who has one of these things these days, outside of audiophiles. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have 160GB in my iPhone, but I don’t really need it.

MacRumors and Hardmac seem to think that the iPod classic could see their storage capacities bumped to 220GB because of a new Toshiba Hard Drive. Sure, Apple “could” up the storage capacity of the iPod classic, but we’re willing to bet that the iPod classic is just as likely to get axed. We have no proof for that, but the only thing it has going for it is storage space. Sooner or later, SSD drives of similar capacity will come down in price and find their way into the iPhone and iPod touch.

If the iPod classic gets a strorage bump mid-cycle, it’ll be a big tell that Apple still has plans for the device. If not, the iPod classic’s days are numbered.

Article Via Hardmac and MacRumors

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