More iPad 2 camera and iOS 4.3 rumors surface

So, The Daily shipped, and there’s no iOS 4.3 release. Most people were guessing that The Daily would ship alongside iOS 4.3. It made sense at the time, but it turns out that The Daily shipped, and iOS 4.3 wasn’t released. To those paying attention to the beta release cycle for iOS 4.3, it was pretty obvious that the update wouldn’t reach Gold Master status by the time The Daily press conference rolled around.  But, that doesn’t mean that iOS 4.3 is a long way off.  In fact, some have already put a date on an announcement from Apple.

According to TiPb, both David Pogue and Walt Mossberg alluded to a Feburary 13th release date for iOS 4.3 in their iPhone 4 reviews yesterday. Pogue has since removed the references from his post. Given the beta release cycle at Apple, the 13th is right around when the iOS 4.3 GM is expected to ship.

Tris Hussey has pointed out on Twitter that the 13th is a Sunday.  Not exactly the best time to release an iOS update.  We’re going to guess, and say either the 10th, or 14th.

iOS 4.3 beta hints at some iPad 2 goodness

The new iOS beta seems to reference a 3 MP camera, according to Electronista. Also included in their report is the mention that the iPad 2 will be capable of recording VGA, 720p and iFrame (960×540) video.

While the iPad will be able to capture photos and video, it’s probably more likely that the cameras are being included for Augmented Reality applications and FaceTime, as well as other services that need video capturing access.

Sure, we’ll use the device in a pinch to snap a photo, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing iPad photographers any time soon.

Article Via TiPb and Electronista
Photo Credit: mark_stevo

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