Rumor: “Find my iPhone” getting a Mac edition in Lion

Find my iPhone has been huge, so huge in fact, people have taken to the street to wrongfully beat down accused thieves who have stolen their mobile phones. We may begin hearing tales of vigilantes hitting the streets in search of Macs as soon as OS X Lion gets announced next week at WWDC.

During an installation of Lion Developer Preview 3, a MacRumors reader managed to unlock a previously unknown achievement that read, “Unsupported Install Target … installing to the selected disk will result in a install of Lion that is not compatible with the following features: Full Disk Encryption, Find My Mac, Recover System.”

Since this is the first time that the functionality has been mentioned, we’re not sure if we can expect a feature for feature variant of Find My iPhone for your Mac, but at this point we’d have to assume that it’s pretty likely.

Get out your favorite cape and leotard, you may be tracking down villains as early as next week.

Article Via MacRumors

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