Rumor: Apple working on a 3D iPad

The iPad 2 was released just a few months ago, the white iPhone 4 is finally here, new iMacs were released this week and the recent iOS update fixed “locationgate.” So what’s there to talk about now? Rumors, of course!

Today RCR Wireless reports that they have multiple sources telling them that Apple is working on implementing a 3D display into the new iPad 3. Source number one is Hollywood gossip. An insider close to the movie studies told RCR that the iPad 3 is already in “advanced planning stages,” and that it is “very much 3D.” This source also said that the big movie studios are going crazy over producing and developing great 3D content for the next generation of Apple’s tablet.

The second source RCR cites is Foxconn, the manufacturer behind most of Apple’s products.

According to RCR, several of their industry close sources have heard from the Taiwanese company, telling them that Apple is indeed working on a 3D iPad.

If Apple actually is going to ship a 3D iPad, whether it’s the iPad 3 or a later generation, they’re will surely make sure it will work well and without glasses. Apple’s greatest strength with the iPad is how easy it is to use, as well as how comfortable it is to work with. Giving it a display where you would need to wear glasses to properly use it would destroy that experience completely.

If this was going to happen, a 3D screen like the one in the Nintendo 3DS would be a necessity — no glasses are needed to enjoy the full 3D effects on the screen.

Adding 3D capabilities to the device would give developers, especially game developers, endless new options and ways to let their users interact with their apps. The fact that one of the above-mentioned sources is a Hollywood insider and his statements show, that the film industry would be, or even is, highly interested in seeing a 3D iPad as well. Movies could be sold in 3D versions on iTunes as well, and iTunes Extras could offer 3D gimmicks for those who buy the film. There surely is some money to make here.

The fact that there is so much talk about an iPad with a 3D screen doesn’t mean that Apple is actually going to release one. Even if there are 3D iPads currently being produced by Foxconn and seen by people in Hollywood, Apple does not have to release a product like this. Every product is tested internally before it hits the market. It is tested over a period of time, used by Apple’s worker bees and special testers, all to make sure that it’s just as Apple wants it to be. And in order to be tested, this product has to be produced first.

All I want to say with this is that the rumors of Apple producing a 3D iPad might be true. It is, however, not a direct indicator that the iPad 3 (or 4, 5 and 6) will actually have a 3D screen.

Article Via MacRumors

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