Rumor: Apple could be looking to stream television content to the Apple TV

Apple knows media distribution. In fact, they managed to revolutionize the way we not only purchase music and movies, but they’ve also managed to change the way that people purchase applications both for their mobile devices, and now their personal computers. It wouldn’t be that large of a leap to assume that Apple wants to revolutionize the way consumers get their television shows.

A Wall Street Journal source has indicated that Apple is currently working on a new video delivery mechanism that will change the way the major networks deliver content to their customers. We know what you’re thinking: Apple already delivers television shows through iTunes, and provides customers with the ability to purchases shows on a per episode basis, or by season.

The question is: when was the last time you purchased a television show on iTunes? Personally, I haven’t done it since they introduced the program in Canada.

The original source, who only holds the title of “someone familiar with the matter,” didn’t seem to mention if the new service would be a streaming service that would be shipped directly to the Apple TV, but given the way things have gone recently down at Cupertino, and all the talk of streaming content, iCloud, and Apple adding the ability to re-download TV shows directly onto the Apple TV via iCloud, it’s starting to look pretty obvious where Apple would be heading with this one.

People don’t want to purchase their television shows, just like they don’t want to purchase their movies any more. There’s not enough replay value in a television show, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want to watch them.

Streaming television shows to the Apple TV is probably one of the best things the industry can do at this point. As much as the television companies don’t want to admit it, television episodes are a throw away medium — watch it, move on.

The current $4.99 price for one HD television show is the same price as watching one movie using the iTunes service. People don’t buy that. It’s not worth it if you watch more than one show per season. Now, a $15 –$20.00 monthly fee is something people would begin to consider, especially if the service provided access to all of the major shows on a network.

People will replace their cable bundles for it. Hell, I already have at this point. I don’t pay for cable, I don’t watch television, and more importantly, I prefer to watch a move on Netflix if I have a couple of hours to burn. Putting television shows beside Netflix on the Apple TV could certainly change that if I can pick and choose the shows I want to watch, when I want to watch them, without having to pay for all the additional garbage that comes with a cable bundle.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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