Rumor: Apple planning on dropping Final Cut Server and Xsan

Apple might be looking to get out of the server market entirely according to some “sources” at Hardmac. According to their source, Apple’s discontinuing Xsan and Final Cut Server in the near future, and then entirely cancelling OS X Server just after Lion ships. They do point out that the decision may not be final, and that things could change in the future, but that their source is legitimate.

It wouldn’t be all that surprising if it turns out to be true. Apple’s already discontinued their Xserve servers, and they’ve been focusing all of their energy on consumer electronics in the last couple of years. A lot of analysts wondered publicly why Apple wasn’t going after the enterprise market, and it seems like they now may have their answer: Apple’s exiting that market entirely. Apple’s already encouraging OS X Server users to update their networks with Mac Pros and Mac minis.

Article Via Hard Mac

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