Rotten Tomatoes shows up in iTunes movie listings

Rotten Tomatos appears in iTunes

Why do we love Apple? We love Apple because they do things no one else is thinking about. Seriously. Anyone who says they would have guessed that Rotten Tomatoes ratings would appear in the App Store is clearly lying.

It’s a smart move, and it really helps me decide what movies I’m going to spend the cash on. For instance, Apple’s pushing some film called Valentine’s Day pretty heavily on the App Store. After clicking on it, and scrolling through the plot summary and iTunes Extras it seems like an “alright” movie with a decent cast. Scrolling a little further down the page and, “Abort, it only got 18 percent on the Tomatometer.”

The other cool thing is that they’re not just tossing up the meter in iTunes but they’re also serving some of film’s top critic reviews. I’m more likely to believe these reviews than the ones already in the review section in iTunes.

Here’s a case in point:

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